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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

We are the only independent HawkEye alignment specialist in Wolverhampton.

What's HawkEye?

HawkEye Hunter alignment systems are the best in the business. These are the systems that high end dealers like Aston Martin & Porsche use to correct vehicle alignment to factory settings.

We also do bespoke wheel alignment for track and rally vehicles see our custom wheel alignment.

Common Steering Issues

The steering system on your car is an important and part and due to the UK road conditions need checking every 6 months or if you notice problems.

Out-of-alignment conditions occur when the suspension and steering systems are not operating at their desired angles The steering rack on all motor vehicles is easily knocked out of alignment by all the speed humps and potholes or even by changing the suspension on the vehicle.

When the wheel alignment becomes out of tolerance the tyres will wear unevenly on either edge of the side walls.

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